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Vesterbro is the perfect up-to-date watch without excesses. This Pontier dresses your wrist without jazzy colours. It is elegant and functional for a daily basis.


only 99,90

Everybody wants to give a personal touch when dressing. Personality is not missing in this sophisticated and urban watch. It will be your hit when you wear it.


only 99,90

Kallio model plays with monochromatic grey tones and a few strokes of red in hands and a black case that makes it an hipster yet elegant watch.


only 99,90

More than a wristwatch, it is the perfect fashion accessory to wear with a long loose dress this summer! Its seventies style makes it the best accessory to wear.


only 119,00

The Kallio model once again plays with the black monochromatism of its metal strap and the matt case of the watch, in addition to the red brushstrokes on the handles.

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only 119,00

Elegance and sophistication are present in this Metal Aoyama model. The monochromatism of this modern watch with a metallic Milanese strap will delight those who like distinction and exclusivity.

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only 99,90

“Less is more” claim, can´t be more appropriate/suitable when we talk about Aoyama model. The monochrome tones in this modern watch is what gives it its special exclusivity and distinction.


only 99,90

When we look for something different and with style, we have to put the eye on this fashionable and very original watch, with an ideal size and weight to wear it daily.

Pontier Black Watches

Elegance and versatility

Do you want to make an impact by wearing a good watch? With this black Pontier watches collection you will get the key piece to complete a simple yet elegant look.

Black is the colour par excellence of elegance and versatility, which makes it easy to combine. You can wear it both with a day and night outfit, and you can get a casual look or on the other hand a more sophisticated one.

Nowadays, with the rise of colours variety, mainly the most flashy ones, black watches remain among the best sellers (quitar más llevados).

The combination of a black watch with colours such as rose or yellow gold, gets that restrained classic effect that many people just don´t want to miss. However, if you mix black with other colours or even black itself in all the elements(strap, case and background), you will definitely wear a simple contemporary watch.

Our black Pontier watches collection is easily combinable, allowing you to get the watch that suits you best. We encourage you to choose your favourite combination (tu combinación favorita) and show a Pontier on your wrist.

Due to its originality, comfort and size it will make you feel unique.