Pontier Golden Watches

A safe bet

Combining a classic watch with a contemporary style is a goal for us to achieve with our golden watches range for men and women. This colour is one of the favourite ones for those who look for an elegant model and which will hardly get out of fashion. (quitar conforme pasa el tiempo).

Watches brands bet hard for this colour, they know well that combining gold with more flashy colours provides a hot yet subtle effect, (haciendo de este reloj) making this watch a perfect accesory when we dress up to celebrate.

Regarding  performances, our golden watches are water resitant up to 5 atm, they have a powerful Miyota internal machinery and their case is made with matt steel.

If you are about to attend a special event, these golden models will be certainly appreciated. Either with a blazer or with a white dress, it will surely catch the attention as a fashionable accesory.

Pontier, as a brand itself, knows the current trends. That is why we bet for a hot minimalistic watches range, but laying superfluous features aside.
Bright colours, and especially these tones, raise passions (levantan pasiones cuandoson expuestos) when exposed once and again at the most important fashion runways. Golden design watches are already a classic in many men and women collections, it is for that that in Pontier we can´t overlook the chance to offer (la oportunidad de ofrecer) our hottest range, mixing contemporary with classic, simple with flashy.

A special occasion to wear a golden watch.