Pontier Rose Gold Watches

A hot trend

If you wish to wear the hottest trend, then you are in the right category. Rose gold is the trend to join in the last seasons and you can find it in our collection. Although it may seem strange it is actually displacing yellow gold from the top of the elegant watches ranking, becoming the most demanded colour by women. If you wish to dress in a sophisticated manner without being flashy, this watch is a safe bet since it looks good on both light and tanned skin, in a more subtle way than yellow gold or even silver do.

Regarding fashion, rose gold is being increasingly introduced in wedding accessories or casual looks, providing those who wear it with distinction, due to its elegance and simplicity.

This colour is used in women and men watches and will be loved by those who wear it.

A recognisable feature of our watches is that they don´t have the ordinary bright finish, as all the models in this collection have a matt coating. Our wide range of rose gold watches have a completely groundbreaking design, with smooth shapes which provides a touch of distinction on the wearer´s wrist.

If you choose it, it will be a sure hit that you will not want to get rid of under any circumstances.