Pontier Silver Watches

They add freshness to your accesories

Who has never had a silver watch? It is one of the most demanded colours (in the market) and its multiple combination possibilities make it ideal/perfect to wear on any occasion. Combine it with the clothes/style that suits you best or use it to add elegance to your outfit, silver watches convey strength and nobility.

Although they are usually chosen by women, it all depends on the tones you combine it with. Silver always looks good, no matter the situation, especially when combined with soft pastel tones. If you are looking for a silver analog watch, in Pontier you will find an interesting range of iron watches with Italian leather strap.

One remarkable feature of the silver watches in this section is their unique cutting-edge design, with a completely original case. Borrar el resto. Endurable resistant materials allow you to fully enjoy your watch, beyond passing fads and casual style.

If you want to make heads turn or get off the beaten track, this is the perfect accesory for you. Wear it either with an office outfit or just with jeans and shirt, silver watches for women or men match absolutely everything. Take a look at our Instagram pictures and check how they look.